Slang Church is community. First, and foremost, our aim is to build, foster, and expand connections between musicians, venues, and showgoers outside the scope of the parasitic music industry as it currently stands. We platform the voices of DIY in the east bay, and which can only happen with the contributions of community members – that includes you! In attending a Slang Church show, you can be an active member of this community. Shows do not happen without people showing up – support the art that your peers create, find your new favorite band in the process. Community cannot happen in a vacuum. Slang Church, as an active progenitor thereof, strives to build a community that is accessible to all who wish to take part. Beyond live music, Slang Church also acts as a quasi-record label, actively seeking ways to shift the role of a label partner from a clout club to earnest, sustainable infrastructure, and working to create a more equitable means of art as sustenance even as we reject the commercial commodification of art and the broader human experience.

Slang Gang

Billy Bouzos

Curator // Booker

Colin Frost

Cheeto-fingered renaissance man

Joey Miller

Booker // Screen printing

Lisa Kohn


Walker Price

Booker // Copywriter

Ishan Ghoshal