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In addition to running a diy collective & label - we also offer screen printing services! We’ve opened things up to the community to more sustainably support ourselves and our collective members without ever needing to cut the budgets on our artists and projects.

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All of our shows are booked, worked, and attended by our collective members. Slang Church takes no cut from the door - ever! All of the money made at our shows goes directly into the pockets of the artists and venues who make the experience possible. While this means we only have so much bandwidth for events each month, this volunteer booking model allows us to compensate artists what they deserve (which is often a lot more than our more corporate counterparts, local or national).

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Within the structure that acts as a physical manifestation of Slang Church, we record stripped-back live sessions with bands we love (or play in). Dubbed “Brunch Tunes,” this is a labor of (breakfast-themed) love that offers a low-pressure, intimate experience with bands that are often much louder. Think Tiny Desk sessions, but without the drone strike apologists and neo-liberal vibes.

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